Townsend 11 Releases Volume 1 of New e-Book Series

San Francisco-based writers collective Townsend 11 has just released No Fixed Destination, Volume 1 of its new e-Book Series.
No Fixed Destination
by Townsend 11
Edited by Larry Habegger
11 Stories of Life, Love, Travel

This collection of 11 personal essays, memoirs, and true stories from Townsend 11, a group of award-winning writers, takes readers on emotional journeys and adventures from California to Croatia to China and back, Ethiopia to Egypt, England to New England, and Hawaii to Hot Springs, Arkansas. Laugh out loud on a family camping trip with an irascible dad, travel down the Nile and through history, take a hilarious and poignant peek inside the airline industry, race a motorcycle across a Chinese desert.

You’ll discover a hidden lake Jane Austen would have loved, feel the bittersweet memories of a summer romance turned dangerous, meet an inspirational woman gifted with wisdom, courage, and boundless love, chortle at the funny case of  mother-daughter mistaken identity, and enjoy the misadventures of a dog trainer training a chicken. A Peace Corps Volunteer decides not to embrace a unique man and a strange country forever. A daughter bonds with her father.

Life. Love. Travel. Humor. Lessons Learned. If you like to read the stories published in Travelers’ Tales, Lonely Planet, and other creative nonfiction anthologies, you’ll love No Fixed Destination. Take advantage of our promotional pricing now!

Read Larry Habegger’s Introduction to No Fixed Destination.

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Larry Habegger

Feet Up on the Dash
Airline Stories
Dana Hill

Choices Rejected
Carol Beddo

Finding My Rock
Jennifer Baljko

Summer Paramour
Bill Zarchy

The Ladies Pond on Hampstead Heath
Jacqueline Collins

Living Well, Dying Gracefully: Lessons from Aunt Marlis
John Dalton

Just Us Chickens
Barbara Robertson

Day Use Only
Bonnie Smetts

The Age-Defying Benefits of Exercise
Jacqueline Yau

Taklamakan Desert Moon Ride
Y.J. Zhu

Up a Lazy River: The Nile reveals glimpses of ancient and modern Egypt
Larry Habegger

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