Review Our Books

We find ourselves more and more fascinated by online reviews of products that interest us, and books are no exception. It’s always comforting to know someone else has liked something, before you commit your $.99 to buying it.

Feedback is always welcome. We hope you enjoy our books and invite you to post reviews at the e-Book stores where you bought them. Good reviews will help us sell our books, and we appreciate your thoughts and your assistance. If you’d rather give us more private feedback, email us at

Reviews are easy!

To review a book you bought from Apple’s iBooks store, go to that book’s page on the iBooks store app and click on the 5-star ratings, then on Write a Review.

To review a book from Amazon’s Kindle Store, Barnes & Noble’s Nook Book Store, Smashwords, Diesel, etc., go to that book’s page on the website where you bought it.

You can either:

Go to the site where you bought it and Search for Townsend 11 or Search for one of our titles:

    • No Fixed Destination: Eleven Stories of Life, Love, Travel
    • No Set Boundaries: Eleven Stories of Life, Travel, Misadventure
    • No Definite Plans: Eleven Stories of Laughter, Love, Travel


Find links to our books on each vendor’s site by going to that book’s BUY page on our site:

Reviews usually appear toward the bottom of the page. In most cases you will need to log in. Look for Create Your Own Review (Amazon), Write a Review (Nook), Share Your Thoughts (Diesel), Log In to Write a Review (Smashwords), or similar language. Each site asks you to evaluate books using a five-star rating system, then write a review. Permissible lengths vary by vendor.

We appreciate your helping us market our work!

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